Wish of the Fairy Fish

Wish of the Fairy Fish


Alexander Arkhipov


Aleksander Voytinskiy (Wizarts of the North)


Sergey Selyanov


Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy

Production Company:

CTB Film Company, CGF

Release Date:

26 October 2023

Emil catches a magic pike that turns out to be a sorceress Vasilisa. The curse of Fairy Fish forces her to make anyone's three wishes come true, but she is unable to fulfill her dreams. Vasilisa fell in love with Emil, but she has to help him win the heart and hand of the capricious king's daughter Anfisa who gives dangerous tasks to Emil. Arrogant Anfisa wants to destroy the unexpected bridegroom, sending him to monstrous Croon Cat or even to the Underworld in search of her dead mother's blessing. The sorceress helps Emil in all the adventures, and Emil realizes that he loves Vasilisa too, but the treacherous princess has her own plans to seize the magic power of the Fairy Fish.