The Biggest Moon

The Biggest Moon


Alexei Popogrebsky, Elena Vanina


Alexei Popogrebsky


Roman Borisevich


Simona Kust, Ivan Ivashov


Fantasy, Young adult

Release Date:

Q4 2023

Special people are living among us. Emers: a superhuman species with unusual powers. They can control human emotions but are not able to love or feel physical pain. With the Emer community on the brink of collapse, a young half-breed Denis, sets out to search for the chosen one who can save them all. He finds Kate, a girl who never experienced true feelings. Step by step, Denis deliberately reveals all the emotions in Katya: joy, surprise, jealousy, anger, despair... and, ultimately, love! After a journey filled with danger and adventure, Katya will have to decide her fate as well as the fate of the whole world.