The Myth of Maracuda

The Myth of Maracuda


Ray Gower, Alexander Arkhipov


Victor Glukhushin


Sergey Selyanov


Family, Animation, Adventure, Comedy



Release Date:

Q4 2024

As a part of the tradition, every young aspiring warrior is sent for a hunt into the stone age forest to prove its worthiness. Maracuda, as a son of the respected tribal leader, was never much of a warrior. And a bit of a disappointment for his father. To prove himself, he enters the mystical forest and sets on a dangerous adventure with his new friends, one-of-a-kind bird Tink, and the rabbit Stomp. Together, they survive incredible dangers against the mysterious creatures of the forest. When Maracuda returns home, he is welcomed as a hero and a true warrior. But to become a true leader, he needs to put aside his pride, and let his big sister to save the tribe from the coming danger when catastrophe strikes the forest.