Dogs at the Opera

Dogs at the Opera


Vasily Rovensky


Vasily Rovensky


Maxim Rogalsky, Vasily Rovensky


Family, Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Romance



Release Date:

Q1 2024

Metropolitan Opera. A legendary and renowned place. Until this day, Carmen holds the title of the most famous ballet in the world. It's not that difficult to imagine that once upon a time, an incredible story took place at the Metropolitan Opera against the backdrop of the Carmen. One day, a street dog named Samson in his attempts to hide from stray dog catchers finds himself at the Metropolitan Opera.
There, he meets charming Margot. Margot is a pet of Anastasia, the theatre's prima ballerina. The plot thickens as the unique tiara that belonged to the queen of Great Britain and that Anastasia has to wear in the fourth act of the ballet, is stolen from the dressing room. Without the tiara, the show cannot go on and must be canceled. Now Margot and Samson have to find the thief, retrieve the tiara, and save the day to the sounds of the music by the great Georges Bizet.