Cats 2

Cats 2


Vasily Rovensky (Nutcracker and the Magic Flute)


Vasily Rovensky (Cats in the Museum, The Big Trip 1,2)


Maxim Rogalsky, Vasily Rovensky, Roman Borisevich, Juraj Barabas


Family, Comedy, Adventure

Production Company:

Licensing Brands, Luminescence

Release Date:

Q2 2025

Two years ago, our characters saved the Mona Lisa. Maurice the mouse cannot wait to prove himself again. Vincent and Cleopatra are the parents of two naughty kittens, and they look forward to adventures. Their next journey will make them compete against each other. It all starts with Maurice rummaging through an abandoned basement and finding an ancient papyrus with a map that details the way to the Egyptian Genie. The problem is, that the Genie grants only one wish every thousand years, and all our characters want different things. The mouse, the cats, and their kittens set out on a journey to find the Genie, trying to beat all the others to their goal. In Egypt, they will make new friends and enemies, visit the majestic Pyramids, travel down the Nile on a huge cruise ship, and discover the secret tunnels of Luxor. In the face of danger, they will work together only to find out that they do not need a Genie to grant their wishes when they have their friendship and team spirit.