Big Trip 3

Big Trip 3


Vasily Rovensky


Vasily Rovensky


Maxim Rogalsky, Vasily Rovensky, Juraj Barabas


Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Production Company:

Luminescence, Nashe Kino

Release Date:

1 May 2024

The heroes of the first part return and team up with the characters of the second part of the Big Trip franchise! But their enemies Python and Vulture are not asleep either! So, our heroes gathered at Mick Mick's and Mikaela's house, because they expect the stork to bring them a baby. But what was their surprise when the stork brought them... a llama kid instead of a bear cub. Mick Mick and his friends will go across the ocean to return the baby Llama to his parents. After all, they are sure that the children were simply replaced, and that the baby bear is exactly there. But, unfortunately, this is not the case. And now Mick Mick and his friends Oscar the Hare, Duke the Pelican, and Panda have to go on the Biggest Trip across all continents to find the missing child. They will face incredible adventures in the Mexican pyramids, in the Amazon Jungles, in Antarctica, on Mount Kilimanjaro, and finally in Great China. Where it all started, that's where it all ends! And our heroes will win as always!